Where’s the fruit and veggies?

Local Fruit and Vegetables

I enjoy eating out and never really thought about the kids menu until I had my own. Once Tyler, my son, was old enough to eat solids I found it hard to find good food for him to eat when we went out to eat. I would usually bring some fruit and vegetables with me when we would go out to eat because many restaurants either have one or the other. It is very rare to find restaurants with both fruits and vegetables as an option. When we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach¬†we went to a bar and grill type of restaurant and they had no fruit, vegetables or even milk. Now how can you not have milk? I don’t even think they had a kid’s menu come to think of it. I was totally appalled. Most of the food options were not very healthy either. I wish I could remember the name of the place, it was in Surfside¬†beach. But there are some restaurants that we have been to that have offered both fruits and vegetables. Bob Evan’s has a good assortment of vegetables and fruit! They even have other offering besides the standard grilled cheese, mac n’ cheese, hot dog, chicken fingers that all restaurants have. They have grilled chicken, shrimp, and a fruit and yogurt plate, which Tyler likes. Another good place is Sunny Street Cafe, I think this is mainly local, but they have a good selection of meals for kids. Many restaurants like Applebee’s,O’ Charley’s, Olive Garden, Cheeseburger in Paradise only have vegetables as an option, if that. Olive Garden only had a salad. Even if you do get vegetable from a place they put so much butter and other stuff to distort the taste that it makes the nutritional value go down. I usually try to tell them just to steam it and not put anything on it. We went to Max and Erma’s one time and I ordered broccoli for Tyler and he wouldn’t eat it because they put so much butte on it. He isn’t used to eating broccoli that way. My family and I maybe eat out once a week. It is just so hard sometimes to find good and healthy things for my child to eat when we go out. I usually bring some fruit or a vegetable with me when we go out. It helps to hold him over until our food comes also.

The above restaurants are just a few of the places we have been and what I have observed eating there. I just wish that most restaurants would offer more of a selection of fruit and vegetables, let alone more of a meal option. Why do places have to have the same old same old for kids? Do they think that is all kids want to eat? Well if they don’t have other options, then yes I guess that is what they will have to eat.