Cold day fun

It’s the end of January and the high for today is 15 degrees. With it being so cold, I don’t want to take the kids anywhere if I don’t have to. So what to do? I decided to make these cotton ball smashes’ (that’s not the technical name of them, that’s just what I called it) that I found on pinterest. I asked Tyler if he wanted to make them and he said sure, okay! So this is what we did:

First we put some flour, I did 2 tablespoons, in 3 bowls. I wasn’t sure how this was going to be that’s why I decided on 3 bowls. You can do however many you want. Then you are supposed to add equal parts water and flour. So I just added some water and food coloring until I could stir the mixture well and it was kinda thick but not too runny. Tyler decided on the colors. He wanted green, white and red. At first he said he wanted black, but I wasn’t about to do black and have black food coloring everywhere, so I asked him to pick another color.

Once everything was mixed up I let Tyler roll the cotton balls  around in the mixture until they were coated. We placed them on a baking sheet. If you are going to do this project I would recommend putting parchment paper on the sheet. I did not and the ball were hard to remove after baking. I preheated my oven to 170 degrees, that is as low as it goes, and baked for 45 minutes.


These are before going into the oven


In the blog it said they were supposed to be hard, so I turned the balls over, which was difficult since they stuck to the baking sheet. Once they were turned I baked them for 10 more minutes and then removed them. I gave each child a play hammer and let them smash the balls. Ariana wasn’t really into it, but that is okay. Tyler loved smashing them down flat. We only made about 18 balls. It was a fun activity for a cold day. Plus it wasn’t too messy either. There were some crumbs from the smashed balls but nothing too extreme.


IMG_1249 IMG_1250 IMG_1251 IMG_1252

They didn’t really turn out how I expected but Tyler and Ariana had fun. I love Pinterest because it has so many great ideas for just about everything. I have tried somethings off of Pinterest, mostly recipes, I would like to try out more activities and crafts for the kids. Who knows maybe there will be more to come….


Long time no see


It’s been a little over a year since I posted a blog. I just wasn’t really certain what I wanted to blog about. I didn’t want to be set on blogging about just nutrition. Yes nutrition is a big part of my life. I try to eat healthy and instill healthy eating into my kids, even if they are 3 and 1.
I have had some people ask me how I get my son, Tyler, to eat healthy. First, I should start by saying that Tyler will eat a whole red or orange pepper like you would eat an apple. People are amazed that a 3 year old would do that. This past summer we went to the farmers market in our city. Tyler saw a green pepper with some red on it and wanted it. So we bought it for him. It was a huge pepper. He started eating it on the way back to the car. As we were walking people kept saying look at that boy eating that pepper. It’s not everyday you see a 3 year old eating a pepper like and apple. To me its normal.
Tyler will ask me for frozen vegetables to eat all the time. Why he likes them frozen instead of cooked is beyond me. When Tyler was a baby I tried not to give him any sweets until his first birthday. I think I was pretty successful in doing so. I didn’t do anything really special when he was a baby, food wise. I did the normal cereal then vegetables, fruit and then meats. I would give him vegatables and fruit for lunch and dinner along with whatever we were eating. He would sometimes get fruit as a snack as well. One of the things to eating healthy is not having junk food or sweets in your house. We rarely have sweet and junk food at our house. I don’t want you to think that we never eat sweets or junk food, we do, just not every day. Moderation is key. Now that Tyler is three, almost 4, he still asks for fruits and vegetables for a snack, oh and cheese. He has rarely if ever asked me for candy or junk food. I hope that my daughter, Ariana, will have the same eating habits as him.


Hospital sign

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Many people ask me what a dietitian does. Really if you’re a dietitian you can work in many places. You can work in the school as a food service director, work in a hospital, nursing home, dialysis center, in a doctor’s office or work for yourself. If all really depends on the person. I personally am I clinical dietitian and I work in the hospital. I also work in a high risk OB clinic.  I get asked all the time what I do. First off in the high risk clinic I see all the diabetic patients. They could have type I or type II or have gestational diabetes. Most of the time these women’s diabetes are uncontrolled. I will go and speak with the patient and provide them a meal plan to follow that helps to balance their carbohydrate intake throughout the day. I will follow them throughout their pregnancy and check their blood sugars and their diet. Now in the hospital, or the inpatient setting, it’s different. Yes I may do some meal planning with diabetics, but not often. I cover all the floors in the hospital from renal, cardiac, stroke, orthopedic, OB/GYN, cancer, surgery, and some ICU. Every floor is different. I pretty much talk with the patient to see how they are eating and if they need a supplement, like Ensure, Boost, etc.  There are some patient who are on alternative nutrition, which is tube feeds, TPN or total parental nutrition or PPN peripheral parental nutrition. I manage all of them. I calculate the total calorie and protein needs of each patient. I spend a good portion of my day looking up the patient information and charting. But in a nut shell that’s what I do.


Listeria monocytogenes

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Listeria, you’ve probably heard it in the news lately. Listeria is a foodborne illness caused by bacteria.It infects about 2500 Americans each year and 500 of those infected die.  It can cause fever and diarrhea in those without compromised immune systems. Those who are at the most risk are the elderly, pregnancy women, and newborns. Symptoms include septicemia, meningitis and may result in a spontaneous abortionstill birth and fetal/newborn meningitis. Sources for Listeria are from the soil, water, plants, cold damp environments, humans, domestic and wild animals. Listeria can be found in unpasteurized milk and soft cheeses (feta, blue cheese, brie), raw vegetables, poultry/meat, seafood, deli meats, and hot dogs. Ways of prevention are use pasteurized milk and dairy products, cook food to proper internal temperature (including deli meats), avoid cross contamination, sanitize surfaces and wash raw vegetables.

My first post




I currently am a registered and licensed dietitian. I am passionate about eating healthy, working out, trying new recipes, my family and life in general. I have always had a passion to write but I haven’t really had that passion til lately. I decided to start this blog because I want to express my views/opinions on food and nutrition and whatever else. Hopefully I will get some people to follow along and maybe they will learn something new from me.