The Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Also the time of year where people eat and eat and eat and gain some extra pounds. I love Christmas. I like spending time with my family, even though it is total chaos with 11 nieces and nephews plus my two. But it’s good for everyone to be together! I can’t wait to watch Tyler open his presents and probably everyone else’s for that matter. I just hope he waits until mommy and daddy are up. I wasn’t really sure what to buy Ariana since she is 3 1/2 months old. I didn’t buy her much because she won’t remember and if she does need anything along the way we will just buy it. I bought her a purple scout, it plays music and songs. Tyler has a green one and he sleeps with it every night, so I’m hoping she will like it as much as he does. I usually make cut-out cookies for Christmas. This year I hope Tyler can help me decorate them.

Cookies are one of the foods I’m sure most people will consume during the holidays. Are they healthy? No! But if you don’t overindulge then it’s not as bad. So what are some of the worst foods during the holidays? Eggnog is, with all the egg yolk, heavy cream, sugar and alcohol. Eggnog has 258 calories and 8.2 g of fat. There really isn’t anything good in eggnog. Alcohol will also be consumed in mass quantities, especially on New Years eve. Most beers have anywhere from 100-150 calories, depending if it’s a light beer or not. Four ounce of wine can have 75-140 calories, depending of the wine. The most popular beverage for New Years maybe champagne which has around 90 calories in a glass.
Other items are:
-Pecan pie (1/8 of piece), 507 kcal, 27 g fat
-Sugar cookies, 130 kcal, 6 g fat
-Cranberry sauce, 110 kcal, 0 g fat
-Swedish meatbals (6), 250kcal, 18 g fat
-Red velvet cake, 270 kcal, 13 g fat
-Shrimp cocktail (12), 80 kcal, 1g fat
These are just a few popular foods during the holidays. So choose wisely!


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